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  • Pour a Perfumed Bath
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    Pour a perfumed bath

    Pour A Perfumed Bath There is nothing more relaxing and rejuvenating than enjoying a scented bath when the weather suddenly turns cold. Unwinding after a hard day in a warm bath…

  • fragrances for dessert lovers
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    6 Fragrances for dessert lovers

    6 Fragrances for dessert lovers. Rich chocolate layer cakes. Sumptuous warm toffee cakes. Sweet and tart fruit galettes. Creamy vanilla custard. The art of baking and the craft of blending luxury…

  • What Is Your Cocktail Fragrance Style?
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    What is your cocktail fragrance style?

    What is your cocktail fragrance style? Choosing your perfect signature fragrance may be as simple as reading a cocktail bar menu. The ingredients in your favourite rum punch, gin cocktail or…

  • Fragrance Lodge
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    Introducing Scent Lodge

    Welcome to Scent Lodge, a new destination for fragrance enthusiasts that celebrates the art of perfumery from a northern perspective. Scent Lodge is an editorial website with social media platforms that…

  • your fragrance horoscope
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    Your Fragrance Horoscope

    What does your Fragrance Horoscope have in store for you? For centuries, world leaders, philosophers, artists and business entrepreneurs have looked to the stars for direction and guidance in the realms…

  • Scent Lodge
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    Do you recognize our Scent Lodge models?

    Do you recognize any of our #ScentLodgeModels in this illustration? We’re launching Scent Lodge in style with a series of remarkable illustrations by renowned illustrator Maurice Vellekoop. He’s worked with Vogue,…

  • fragrances on ice
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    Why you should store your scents on ice

    Store your scents on ice “Heat and sunlight are the enemies of fragrance.” So says Master Perfumer Olivier Cresp. The talented artist’s work is so legendary in the world of perfumery…

  • chopard happy fragrances
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    Happier through scent

    Happier through scent. That is the inspiration behind a trio of uplifting fragrances from Swiss haute jewelry brand, Chopard. This ode to joie de vivre taps the most pleasing natural ingredients…