Montblanc Legend model Simon Clark’s ‘red’ interview

British model Simon Clark is one of the most-recognized male models on the planet thanks to his 10 years as the face of Montblanc Legend fragrances. He returns in 2022 as the face of Montblanc Legend Red, a spirited and energetic take on the award-winning original scent. He takes a few minutes out of his busy schedule to answer some ‘red’ questions.

Scent Lodge : Today, Montblanc is launching a new fragrance Legend Red. And here you are, still embodying this now iconic fragrance, in a new and very bold version. For you, Red is the color of…

Simon Clark: Boldness ! be prepared, be ready, because the situation is about to change.

Montblanc Legend Red model Simon Clark
Montblanc Legend Red model Simon Clark

SL : Legend in Red, what sensation does the bottle immediately trigger?

Simon: The red bottle is bold. I love its visual impact. Instantly, I want to hold it, own it and feel its energy.

SL : You are an expert of all Legend fragrances, how does the red color translate into this new scent according to you?

Simon:Legend Red fits into the range as a beacon of change and a reminder of the journey we’ve been on.

Montblanc Legend Red ingredients
Montblanc Legend Red ingredients

SL : How does red relate to masculinity?

Simon: There’s a courageousness and confidence in red. It’s a colour that says see me, hear me, smell me!

SL: A red accessory, cloth any man should have in his wardrobe?

Simon: A pair of red socks looks great with a dark suit. It’s a statement that subtly shouts, ‘I’m ready to go out-out!’ And a red sweater makes everything better.

SL : Anything that makes you see red?

Simon: When it rains above 1500m during the winter months, I see snow turn to water. And see red over climate change.

SL : A situation that gets you cherry red? 

Simon :I missed the last call to a flight from Dubai and had to be escorted across the runway in an open-top buggy, delayed because I’d purchased a giant inflatable globe for my daughters, which for some reason I had decided to inflate. Imagine my embarrassment when the captain insisted, before we took off, that I deflate the globe in front of a plane full of already angry passengers!

SL : What’s your red letter day?

Simon:I like to put some red into every day. If I live that day with love and passion for something or someone then I’ve had a red letter day.

SL : Your best red carpet treatment?

Simon : Dark suit, red socks.

SL : Caught red-handed once yet?

Simon : Skiing in the USA, there’s this place called ‘Out of Bounds’, and every year I get caught red-handed in the middle of it.

SL : What’s your favourite color?

Simon: The perfectly lacquere colour of Legend Red!

Montblanc Legend Red fragrance
Montblanc Legend Red fragrance

Montblanc Legend Red is available at Hudson’s Bay stores,,, Shoppers Drug Mart stores, and select Sephora stores in Canada.

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