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  • scent numerology

    Scent Numerology

    Scent Numerology What is your signature scent number? And what does it say about the fragrance notes that best suit you? Read on and you’ll find your personal number and secrets…

  • Soundtrack of your Scent

    Soundtrack of your Scent

    Soundtrack of your Scent Music and fragrance share many similarities. Both are composed of notes. Both are written as compositions with a beginning, middle and end. And both are often remixed…

  • Versace Yellow Diamond

    Yellow Diamond 10th Anniversary

    Yellow Diamond 10th anniversary Happy Anniversary, Yellow Diamond! Donatella Versace’s beloved floral fragrance is celebrating its 10th anniversary. “What I miss most about Gianni is his laugh,” says Donatella Versace reminiscing…

  • your guide to scent concentrations

    You Guide To Scent Concentrations

    Your Guide to Scent Concentrations Shopping for fragrances can be confusing when it comes to concentrations. Terms such as “eau de toilette”, “eau de cologne” and “parfum” are often listed online…