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  • your guide to scent concentrations

    You Guide To Scent Concentrations

    Your Guide to Scent Concentrations Shopping for fragrances can be confusing when it comes to concentrations. Terms such as “eau de toilette”, “eau de cologne” and “parfum” are often listed online…

  • Four Autumn Fragrance Trends

    Four Autumn Scent Trends

    Four Autumn Scent Trends Autumn 2021 is promising to bring fragrance enthusiasts new scents packed with character, unusual blends and some eye-popping notes. It’s a season that celebrates individuality and unique…

  • What Is Your Cocktail Fragrance Style?
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    What is Your Cocktail Fragrance Style?

    What is your cocktail fragrance style? Choosing your perfect signature fragrance may be as simple as reading a cocktail bar menu. The ingredients in your favourite rum punch, gin cocktail or…

  • bergamot


    Bergamot Bergamot Trending fragrance note: bergamot Category: citrus Olfactory description: With a more suave note than lemon, bergamot is a fresh, floral, soft and sparkling citrus scent with a hint of…