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    #VersaceDylanPurple Twitter Dinner Names Announced

    #VersaceDylanPurple Twitter Dinner: February 7th in Toronto A big ‘thank you’ to everyone who entered to win an invite to our Scent Lodge #VersaceDylanPurple Twitter Dinner on February 7th. The entries…

  • Montpellier, France
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    Chabaud’s French Charm

    When it comes to composing a perfume in the classic French tradition there are strict rules to follow. You will find opening, heart and base notes assembled in a pyramid-style format…

  • honeysuckle
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    Trending: Honeysuckle

    Move over Damask Rose, jasmine sambac and magnolia, there is a new floral note on the horizon that is promising to add a new femininity to modern perfumery. It’s honeysuckle, a…

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    Four Scent Rules for 2023

    Step Outside Your Comfort Zone & Try Something New Ask perfumer Bruno Jovanovic, a senior perfumer at Firmenich, about the current state of perfumery and he’ll tell you there has been…

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    Slow Fragrance Movement

    One of the biggest trends in the world of perfumery emerging for 2023 is fascinating. It’s an evolution of the mindfulness trend that gained momentum during the pandemic. The concept was…

  • purple freesia

    Trending: Purple Freesia

    Much like home décor and fashion trends, ingredients move in and out of style in the world of perfumery. Certain notes will become capture the imagination of perfumers around the globe…