• Versace Yellow Diamond

    Yellow Diamond 10th Anniversary

    Yellow Diamond 10th anniversary Happy Anniversary, Yellow Diamond! Donatella Versace’s beloved floral fragrance is celebrating its 10th anniversary. “What I miss most about Gianni is his laugh,” says Donatella Versace reminiscing…

  • Perfumer Daphne Bugey

    Meet Perfumer Daphne Bugey

    Meet Perfumer Daphné Bugey When a new fragrance appears online or arrives on a department store counter, it’s almost impossible to understand the passion, skill and artistry that has gone into…

  • Centifolia rose

    What is a soliflore fragrance?

    What is a soliflore fragrance? One of the most fascinating trends in modern perfumery is a concept called “soliflore”. Simply, it is a single floral aroma – a fragrance that is…

  • News

    Four Global Fragrance Trends for 2022

    Four Global Fragrance Trends for 2022 As we ease into a new year, there are some exciting fragrance trends on the horizon. The effects of the global pandemic continue to ripple…

  • Jimmy Choo "I Want Choo" Evening Bag Gift-With-Purchase

    Jimmy Choo’s Holiday Glam

    Jimmy Choo’s Holiday Glam: the “I Want Choo” Evening Bag Gift-With-Purchase London-based fashion label Jimmy Choo is encouraging you to have some glamorous fun this season. Hot on the heels of…

  • The Perfume Thief

    The Perfume Thief

    The Perfume Thief Timothy Schaffert’s thrilling novel about the underground resistance of twentieth-century Paris carries the theme of perfumery as the plot twists and turns with romance, espionage, champagne towers and…

  • sperm whales

    The world’s strangest perfume ingredient

    The world’s strangest perfume ingredient What is the strangest ingredient in perfumery? You might be surprised to learn that it comes from the largest mammal in the world. Natural ambergris comes…