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Capri Candle

Capri Candle

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Fragrance Description: This fresh light citrus-inspired scented candle is inspired by Villa Malaparte and the 1963 film Le Mépris which was filmed on the picturesque island of Capri. Notes of sweet and bitter orange swirl with fragrant ylang-ylang oil and white musk to beautiful effect. Capri is the creation of Swedish designer/photographer/artist Johan Bergelin who launched his own niche perfumery brand in 2017. He worked for a full twenty-four months with artists and experts around the world to perfect his first five scents, which sold out in minutes upon their launch. Buzz spread so quickly on social media that he was swamped with requests worldwide for his rich, layered, and unique fragrances.

Made in Italy. 

Scent Style:  A light citrus scent for him or her.

Key ingredients: sweet orange, ylang ylang extra oil, bitter orange, white musk, mandora, camomile, cardamom, pink pepper, Sichuan pepper, juniper berry, mandarine oil, galbanum, jasmine alcoolat, Osmanthus alcoolat, orris, ambroxan, angelica seed

How to use: This luxury candle will burn for 48 hours without dripping.

Scent fact: What is special about 19-69 is that Johan has the talent to balance and layer unique notes and ingredients perfectly. These are scents unlike any you have ever smelled. And you can immediately smell the high quality of the ingredients he uses in each eau de parfum.

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