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Higher Peace EDP

Higher Peace EDP

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Fragrance Description: Higher Peace is an aromatic scent for him or her inspired by the Santa Monica Canyon and the documentary Tripping with Ken Kesey. It’s a statement of peace, inspired by the values of bagism, a term created by Lennon and Ono in 1969. The intent is to avoid prejudice and stereotyping by not judging others on the basis of skin colour, gender, sexuality, age or other. 

Made in Italy.  

Scent Style: A fresh aromatic scent for her or him 

Key ingredients: davana, bergamot, cardamon, hemp, coumarin, fresh hay, vetiver, tobacco, benzoin 

How to use: Apply to your pulse points where your skin is naturally warmer: wrists, inner elbows, neck and behind the knees. 

Scent fact: Hold the bottle about a foot from your skin and spray twice. Allow to air dry. 

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