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L´air Barbès Candle

L´air Barbès Candle

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Fragrance Description: L’Air Barbès is a cold, light, and fresh scented candle for him or her that is a tribute to the city of Paris, capital de la mode. Evocative of Paris’ different personas, such as concrete alleyways, le banlieue and the area of Barbès – Rochechouart.

Made in Italy. 

Scent Style: A light, fresh citrus-floral-musk fragrance for her or him.

Key ingredients: aldehyde, fresh lemon, bergamot, concrete, ylang ylang extract oil, tuberose, ambroxan, orris, cumin seed, ink, leather, dry woods, white musk

How to use: The best quality candles burn evenly without any smoke or soot. This candle will burn for 48 hours.

Scent fact: Each 19-69 product is inspired by a particular place and time captured in the mind of founder Johan Bergelin. The Swedish designer/artist/photographer works closely with a team of artists and researchers around the world to perfect each 19-69 eau de parfum – a process that can take over two years to complete.

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