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La Habana EDP

La Habana EDP

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Fragrance Description: 19-69 La Habana is an aromatic-smoky scent for him or her based on a sailor’s reminiscence of Cuba before the revolution. The scent shines a light on the island’s golden musical era between the 1930s and 1950s.

Made in Italy. 

Scent Style: An aromatic-smoky scent for him or her.

Key ingredients: aldehyde, saffron, elemi, incense resinoid, vanilla absolute, caramel, ambroxan, Laotian oud, golden stone, amber balsam resinoid

How to use: Perfumers recommend rotating four or five fragrances each week, so your sense of smell doesn’t become too accustomed to just one.

Scent fact: For those new to the 19-69 brand, it is a luxury niche perfumery label based in Sweden created in 2017 by designer/photographer/product developer Johan Bergelin. The renowned artist spends years working with high-end and edgy fashion brands earning a reputation for quality and craftsmanship. He spent twenty-four months working with a myriad of artists around the world to perfect his first five fragrances that layered complex scents incorporating unique and unexpected notes.

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