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Petits Et Mamans EDT

Petits Et Mamans EDT

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Fragrance Description: This woody, floral-musk scent for women and babies three years and older was created by acclaimed perfumer Nathalie Lorson. She perfectly balances soft powdery notes with clean bergamot citrus and mandarin, soothing chamomile, vanilla and a little iris.

Made in Italy. Award-winning scent.

Scent Style: A light rose-themed floral scent for her.

Key ingredients: musk, citrus, bergamot, chamomile, Sicilian orange, Brazilian rosewood, sunflower, rose, powdery notes, vanilla, iris, and white peach.

How to use: Avoid storing your fragrance in direct sunlight or near a heat source. This can shorten the lifespan of your fragrance.

Scent fact: This fragrance smells like a very expensive baby powder – light and soft. 

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