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Pour Homme EDT

Pour Homme EDT

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Fragrance Description: This fresh citrus-musk scent for him by perfumer Jacques Cavallier who blends Italian bergamot citrus with soothing Darjeeling tea notes and a trio of flowers: lily, muguet and blackcurrant flower. He adds a little spice with cardamom and pepper and finished the composition with woods, amber and great-quality musk ingredients. Elegant and intimate.

Made in Italy. 

Scent Style: A fresh citrus-musk scent for him.

Key ingredients: bergamot, orange blossom, blackcurrant flower, Darjeeling tea, water lily, muguet, cardamom, rosewood, pepper, red iris, guaiac wood, transparent amber, musk

How to use: Hold the bottle a foot from your chest or neck and spray twice.

Scent fact: Perfumer Jacques Cavallier has crafted some of the finest fragrances over the past three decades. He is renowned for his light hand and skill at blending interesting notes into a fragrance that is refined and sophisticated.

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